Does the shortcut have an imprint(remove object) function?


Is there any way to remove the left mouse character from the first video in the shotcut?

I want to make it like the second video.

I removed the mouse character by overlapping the image with the same color as the background using the “Size, Position&Rotate” filter, but that’s an expedient and makes video slow.

Can I erase a mouse character using other filter or other functions in the shotcut?

To answer your original question… no.

You could try the Crop: Rectangle filter.

There are several ways to accomplish the same thing you are wanting to do. You have already done one of them.

It may slow down your preview, but your exported video will not be slow.

There are options to help make the preview less laggy or slow. Proxy editing, and Preview Scaling. Here is an excellent video showing how to set those up:
Video made by @bentacular


Try the spot remover filter

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With a simple backgroud, I would use a “mask: simple shape” to mask the part i want to use and place a color clip with same backgroud on the track bellow.
The Spot remover can remove it, but it will properly leave some color artifacts, and wil be more CPU intensive than a mask.

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Si vous partez du principe que le fond est une couleur unie, la solution de @Hudson555x qui utilise le filtre Recadrer: rectangle est plus simple.

If you assume the background is a solid color, @Hudson555x’s solution using the Crop: Rectangle filter is easier.

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For a solid background, I think spot remover would be easier because it does not require a color clip on another track.

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Sauf erreur de ma part, pour effacer tout le sujet avec le filtre “spot remover” il faut que celui-ci soit plus grand que le sujet, donc qu’il y ait au moins 1 pixel de couleur de fond tout autour du sujet.
Or dans l’image de l’OP, il n’y a pas de pixels couleur du fond en bas, le sujet a effacer touche le bord inférieur de l’écran.

Unless I am mistaken, to erase the whole subject with the “spot remover” filter, it is necessary that this one is bigger than the subject, so that there is at least 1 background color pixel all around the subject.
But in the image of the OP, there is no background color pixel at the bottom, the subject to erase touches the bottom edge of the screen.

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That is a good point. Spot Remover would not work well in that specific case.

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I tried using a spot remover, and the result came out like an answer. I didn’t know why, but now I understand. Thank you.

I didn’t know that filter exist because Rectangle was translated as a triangle. I edited it as I wanted by using that filter. Thank you!

I think this is a really good, too. If I need to edit a more complicated video, I will use the filter you told me. Thank you!

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