Does the exported video look dark because of multiple tracks?


New to shotcut!

I have observed that my exported video looks much darker than it is after export. When I view it in shotcut it looks fine though.

I have 3 video tracks. Does the exported video look dark because of multiple tracks?

What I mean by this is, suppose I have a clip in track1 from T1 to T2. There are no clips in this duration in track2 or track 3. Is this the reason why the final video darker?

Shotcut version 18.05.08
Exported file formap mp4
Playlist file format is also mp4

Just from the limited information you provided, I have not experienced this.
What file formats are you working with?
What is your exported file format?
Shotcut version?
Computer specs/OS?

Thanks for reply. I have edited OP to answer your questions.

I loaded the same clip on three video tracks, and the export looks fine on my end. I also use mp4’s.
Are you using any filters?

Where are you viewing the exported finished video?

Is this what the OP is doing? If so, for what purpose.

Basically the OP hasn’t given nearly enough information regarding the workflow.

No, I don’t have the same clip on 3 tracks. The other two tracks are blank for the duration of the clip on track1.

I’m viewing it in VLC media player. The video looks bright as usual when viewed with Shotcut.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

The problem was with VLC media player. There were some options enabled under Tools -> Video Effects which caused the video to look dark.

Good, this was my suspicion. Glad to have pointed you in the right direction…