Does shotcut supports pinch zoom?

I very rarely use a Mac to edit, and after 1 year, I am reinstalling shotcut on my Mac.

When I used shotcut on my Mac, I didn’t knew thag doing a pinch zoom can increase the zoom of the timeline. I just found it out a month ago in davinci resolve. Now, just before installing shotcut, I want to ask this question, does shotcut’s timeline also supports pinch zoom?

Thanks for any answers.

I just tried with the touchscreen on my Surface Pro. I can drag clips around on the timeline, move the playhead, click on the various widgets of the interface etc., but I can’t pinch-zoom, nor can I do anything in the source viewer, such as drag from there to the playlist/timeline, or manipulate VUIs, like the Text: Simple filter’s.

It is somewhat supported in the Size Position & Rotate video filter but mainly just for rotate. You still use the mouse wheel gesture for zoom.

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Ok, but I was talking about the zoom of timeline. (Or, you are also talking about it, but I understood the zoom in the spr filter)

Tried that - Not implemented

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