Does Shotcut support multi cam?

I currently use Sony Vegas Pro 13. It’s TERRIBLE and crashes (or HANGS) all the time, so I’m looking for something else. I have footage shot with 2 cameras from different angles. Can I use Shotcut to switch between the 2 clips for a more professional looking video?

I have a Win7 machine and a Linux machine running Ubuntu MATE 1.8.2 (Trusty - 14.04).


Not specifically, I don’t think so no. There are a few things you can do to make it easier to edit film like that though. There is, obviously the multi track editing, and in the source player you can select and crop clips to make it easier to catch only the parts you want. As for viewing, Shotcut can be used with multiple monitors.

I’m not sure if this helps or not, or is really what you’re looking for. Good luck

My attempt to use shotcut in multicam manner is in following timeline setup:
For 2 cams

I use 3 video tracks
V3 - Video showing, Audio muted - this is my edited output video
V2 - Video hidden - Audio muted - Camera 1 footage
V1- Video hidden - Audio muted - Camera 2 footage

A1 - audio track…
Both V1 ,V2 and A1 positioned so they are all in sync…

Now I slice both V1 and V2 at places where I want to change camera view and place sliced part to V3…
Hope it make sense…
It works very well and smooth
(well … apart of fact that shotcut crashes on my system and causes bluescreens (see my other post), but that probably isn’t related to above program application)