Does Shotcut support muiltiple recorded tracks?

So does shotcut support muiltiple audio tracks? So what I mean is that when I record 3 tracks with OBS, my mic, desktop, then mic and desktop, if I move it into shotcut will it work? Because for me I don’t think it’s working, if I can have 3 tracks from OBS onto shotcut can someone tell me how? Thanks

Just add as many audio tracks as you need to the timeline then add each audio file to each track.
(Drag’n’Drop from the playlist)

No that’s not what I mean, in OBS I’m recording 3 different tracks, but ONE file, in shotcut yes you can have muiltiple tracks, but those tracks go with muiltiple files, when I recorded something in OBS, and put it in shotcut, it appears as one track.

Can you show us what the audio properties look like for your file? (screenshot the properties panel with the audio tab selected).

Then… no. Multi-track isn’t supported yet.

I use OBS Studio with multiple audio tracks, and have no problems getting my audio tracks separated in shotcut. Just make as many audio tracks as you need, then drop your video in each track. Click on the Properties Tab and then click audio. There should be a dropdown menu with all of your tracks.

I stand corrected then.

That is exactly what I was going to suggest to OP. But I wanted to make sure the OBS files had multiple tracks first.

How would I show the files? Btw I am thinking of switching to hitfilm 2017 because I heard it’s really good, so I want to try that out.

I have a video tutorial I made if you want me to link it. I have a similar setup to what you describe in your first post and I made a tutorial awhile back when you record videos with multiple audio tracks and want to edit using shotcut.

Sure why not I guess.

Hopefully this helps.


Well done, good clear and precise video.

I would love to see that video tutorial @OverlordTomala. I can also separate the tracks, but I don’t think I’m doing it the easiest and most practical way. I usually just make another video track and use that specific channel of audio, then turn off the video for that track.

Nevermind, ha ha, I didn’t scroll down far enough. I didn’t know you could designate audio track. Kind of the same thing I was doing just not using the video track for just audio, ha ha.

Very nice video. Well done and easy to understand. Thank you.