Does Shotcut support Flash files in SWF format?

First of all thank the shotcut and MLT team contribution.
I would like to know whether the shotcut support Flash files in SWF format, such as plays and converted to video format.
I saw uses the SwfDec library on the site, I think it should be supported, but use shutcut failed to open the SWF file when prompted.
Does anyone know what is the situation?
Thank you!:slight_smile:

Who knows and can help me.:confused:

On Windows platforms you can support for SWF?:困惑:

.swf files can be opened by Shotcut when I use it on Windows 10, version 17.01.02 however there is no usability other than previewing the animation, and it cannot be exported or modified/added to a playlist or timeline. Basically no, not from what I’ve seen. Where did you see swfdec library?

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i see ,It says useful to SwfDec .

That is the build for MLT Framework, not Shotcut. MLT is Shotcut’s engine, whatever that engine is capable of is not all that’s included in Shotcut. Within Shotcut however there are alternative ways to create, preview, and export other animation formats.

This is an older tutorial for using Tumult Hype on MacOS, but it uses the overlay HTML filter. There is a lot of potential for creating moving text, images, and effects using that filter, but it takes some know-how.

If you have a traditional animation, as in frame-by-frame, you can load a batch of images together at once and it can be sequenced to a certain framerate for animated playback and exported from there.

.swf files have a lot of metadata specific to adobe flash only, and the SwfDec is a decoder for Flash animations to make this data readable/exportable by others. The MLT framework includes this, but Shotcut has most likely only barely implemented it or hasn’t at all. That I’m not sure of. And it’s possible it may never, potentially for some legal reasons? I don’t know. That is stretching my knowledge.

Anyways, I hope this is a good answer for you. :slight_smile:

Convert your flash file to AVI, then import it into Shotcut?

@Steve_Ledger Great idea :slight_smile: Thank you

Thank you for your answer!:heart_eyes:

We want to use the MLT to achieve various filter effects, but we want to use Flash effects to filter a frame attached to the video to achieve a variety of filter effects.
But after testing, as support for Flash in the MLT is not perfect, or incorrect use.
Can you see what I mean?
Is the use of Flash as a video filter effects combined with video effects.

My English is very poor, I hope you can understand what I mean.

This is not going to happen. You can try to learn HTML5 or look for something else.