Does shotcut need a disply

I’m trying to export a clip on ubuntu linux via the command line using qmelt over ssh. I keep getting an error about connecting to a display. I’ve been able to use qmelt on windows via command line but not ubuntu is there something obvious I’m missing?

Yes. It needs a display. Consider using XVFB for headless environments.

Thank you i’ll give that a try!

I’m getting new errors which I’ll call success since I think I need to compile shotcut(which isn’t easy on 16.04 anymore) and i’ll try it on 17.10 again this week

Shotcut compiles fine on 16.04. That is what I use. Why are you compiling it? Why not use the binaries that Shotcut provides?

if you want to build your own, consider using the provided build script:

I actually was trying to use that script but x264 needs a newer version nasm than 16.04 has in the repos. As to why not just use the binaries that’s what i’ve been doing and playing dependancy whack a mole(which is fine, I’m sure you guys don’t support using shotcut headless as a rule which i’m trying to do with a dedicated render(export might be the better term here) system

OK. So you are trying to not have X installed at all?

The dependencies are listed here:
But that assumes you have a working X environment.

Which I don’t, although I suppose X will still work even without a monitor…

good news! it worked once I got X installed.