Does Shotcut have an official discord server?

I have done my research and I cannot find any discord servers dedicated to shotcut. it would be cool if there was one.

(for the devs if shotcut doesn’t have a discord server: you should seriously consider making one. it is great for feedback and can even be kind of like a shotcut forum but with the feature of dms and screensharing. just consider it.)

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I created a user server. Admins are welcome to take over whenever. Link:

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Why not Facebook Groups? Why not Reddit? Why not the next flavor-of-the-month? Because I reviewed options, made a decision, and chose this on which I can place ads to fund continued development. I already have Facebook comments, Twitter, YouTube, GitHub, e-mail, and the Microsoft Store to monitor all of which distract from development while also providing important feedback. And that is plenty enough for me, the lead developer, who will not be on Discord.

ok, well I guess that’s reasonable.

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