Does making my channel only available in my native language make change

Hi, I am Arpit (I think you might know me already, I am very active on this forum) and I wanted some tips from some of my fellow youtubers out here, a really hard decision for me to make, but I need suggestion.

Basically, I have been running my channel successfully for a year, with more than a 1000 views in this period. And a audience very big audience of 600 unique people according to analytics (only 12 subscribed). And I have only been recording my videos in English language, but now I was thinking to make my videos in my native language Hindi, which I am mostly fluent at (Hindi is actually not my mother tongue). But would that totally flip my audience? Would it decrease or increase my audience? Would it affect my channel?

I am little bit confused, could you provide me some tips for what I should do.

Good day!

Assuming you have a specific message you want to communicate, which audience do you want to appeal to more? Use the native language of that audience.

If you don’t have a specific message, then what about speaking English then make Hindi subtitles available? Or the other way around?

I do think changing languages mid-stream would affect your current audience, unless you have reason to believe they are bilingual too.

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I think changing the primary language of a channel is a bad idea, create a new Hindi channel instead
and build it up from scratch against the target audience (In hindi).
To have a successful channel, you need to find your own special way to deliver the content, that you audience want to watch, and make them watch more of your video, I is very very hard.
Another approach is to make the videos, that you think is fun to make and don’t care much about if only 20 people watches them, as long as you having fun making the best videos you cant, and always try to increase the quality for each video

Not really a specific message, but you can say that I would be more confident and fluent while speaking this language.

Most of my audience is from Belgium (39.9%), then US (20.1%), then Pakistan (12%), then India (8.5%), then nepal (6%), then Canada (5.5%), then South Africa (4%), and finally Netherlands (4%).

Don’t think most of them are bilingual, especially, most are watching maybe because it’s in English. My biggest audience comes from English speaking areas only, so switching over a full language might be problem.

That might be a good idea, a fully seperate channel in Hindi, but I don’t think it’s that of a good idea, most of my audience would suffer from which channel to chose.

I just watched a video on “what to do while changing the language of your channel”, and it said that creating two versions if the same video is better, one in the language I was previously speaking, and one in the my native, just the content would be same. And then seperating them using playlist would make the audience focused to a single channel.
Is that true?
I don’t know, but I will first try to follow your idea.

I think videos i multiple languages is a bad idea on the same channel, most people would not like to have suggestions to videoes in Hindi, if they don’t speak Hindi. Playlist is good for organizing different subjects.
But another language is not separation enough. Going to a channel and checking out a playlist is not how most people uses Youtube. They watch video in their main YT feed or in the subscription page and then they watch videoes, there comes in suggestions, when they watch a video.
Sometimes they watch videoes based on a search for a topic, but it is hard for a small channel to get picked up in search results.

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Thanks, I created and edited my first Hindi video, and now I will create a new channel from scratch, maybe more people would subscribe.

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