Does anyone know how to Keyframe Files?

Im trying to keyframe something for a map, but I cant find out how to. Ive watched tutorials but all that is for is Text.

The videos you found about keyframes & text would be a great training for you to learn the concept of keyframing. Just follow the tutorials you have found or follow along with this one. When I say follow along and training, I mean actually follow step by step yourself with Shotcut and do what is being presented in the video.

i did do that- im trying to move the head and tail of a character, put i cant find out how to do that. The video didnt help other than showing me how to pan and zoom and do text.

The basic concept of keyframing doesn’t change from one filter to another. The action of the filter itself is what you define with the keyframe for that filter. Not all filters have keyframes, nor do all filters have advanced keyframes such as this example.

blueredblack kf1.mlt (10.8 KB)

Feel free to download this mlt file and see what and where I set things. You can move things around to your liking to further understand.

I’m no expert at keyframes as I only know the very basics. Other people in here are very experienced with keyframes and are probably cringing at my very crude example, lol.

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