Does 23.05 use more GPU?

Older version of shotcut didn’t profit too much from strong dedicated graphics card. Do I understand well that sth changed with the newest 23.05 version? How much (estimation) of improvement could I expect with external card comparing to integrated processor card (just some examples)?

Btw, which older (2-4 years old model, second hand) AMD graphics card would you recommend to use with Shotcut for Linux ubuntu based systems in order to get some performance increase and not paying a fortune?

It definitely can use the GPU more if you turn on GPU Effects. Please read about it in the release notes. It is working better than several years ago when it appeared and then hidden, but your mileage may vary. However, due to the limitations described in our FAQ on the web site, you should not expect great performance with it when using small amounts of effects on >1080p or high frame rate 1080p. On the other hand, using preview scaling in combination with these higher resolution/rate videos helps a lot. Sorry, but I do not have numbers or examples to share nor AMD recommendations.

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Thank you for your hints. I’ve noticed those release notes and that’s why I have my questions. :slight_smile:

Do you think that this GPU support might differ comparing AMD/nvidia/intel cards? I mean if ex. buying nvidia card will improve performance much better than amd card (sure when comparing similar comparable models in both families having similar performance in games in Windows). I mean if just drivers from one or another family might be crucial here.

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