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I just installed Shotcut. I have to say I’m totally lost. I tried to cut ads out from a recording and gave up. Shotcut is not intuitive, not for me at least. I cannot find any documentation. Just a page which directs to youtube and requires javascript. No javascript here.
Question. Where is the documentation hidden? I was hoping there is at least a man page - nope. How can I learn the basic usage like cutting and saving?

The documentation is not hidden. There are no man pages.
There are plenty of tutorials. You can begin here.

Thanks for reply.
You point me to a web page with lots of dead links that require javascript. No javascript here. Didn’t I say it already? How can a video substitute for a manual anyway? Are those videos scrolling manual pages or what?

Hi Segfault,

I suggest you type “Shotcut Mr. Eko” into the Youtube search.There are some really useful video tutorials done my a guy called Mr. Eko. For example this one:

I found this one and his others very helpful when I was a beginner.

I really really disagree. Having tried other video editors, I was amazed at the intuitiveness of Shotcut from the word go.

Hope you have some success! Good luck.

Thanks everybody. I gave up. I tried to export a loaded file and it errors out with message: failed to open output.mkv. Obviously, output.mkv was the filename I wanted to export into. Isn’t Shotcut supposed to create the file? Resorting to ffmpeg CLI, at least it has meaningful error messages and it has a comprehensive man page.