Document design mode, in chrome console (not related to shotcut, but fun)

I, basically, was learning coding and found out some tiktok videos on youtube, they were all of no work, but this one’s actually blew my mind.

I recently figured out this while learning coding, that if we type document.designMode="on" this enables you to actually change the text on the website. Here’s a screenshot:-

How to do it

This is something funny in your social circle.

That technique is common in the scamming community after remotely connecting to the victims PC.

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I also know that, it’s very common in the spamming society. It should not be done for spamming. But anyway, it’s just something we can’t stop. Hackers have there way. I pray that there should be no victim in the future.

P. S:- Hope Dan will laugh on what I wrote in his post, it’s on the screenshot in the original post.

Basically, what you learned is part of what the WYSIWYG editor in the forum post editor is using. While you can edit the page, that does not mean you can save it that way on the server from which it came. It would far easier to simply copy and paste the text into a word processor.

Thanks for teaching me something new about coding.

I definitely don’t want to do that, otherwise it will create a chaos.

But it will something very cool in your friend circle.

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