Do you have plan to save/load multiple filters to 'preset'?

@shotcut, that definitely sounds good. Thanks a lot. Can’t wait to use it.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

@bentacular Hi~ bentacular.
Thanks for your hint and lots of video about shotcut.(I am subscriber of your channel.)

Anyway I know the way with mlt but it is not solution on this discussion.
As you know we can not use your method on other project.
I mean I want to load my group of presets anytime and anywhere.

Btw, Shotcut leader decide to support special functions for this issue.
We just wait for next version like kid before Christmas. :slight_smile:

@shotcut Oh! my god!!!
Thanks a lots for your solution about this issue!!! :slight_smile:
I am soooo~~~ happy because of your decision.

I will be looking forward 21.08 :slight_smile:

There you go. Nice update @shotcut . :clap:

Will you sits on Santa’s lap while editing? Just joking

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Please be aware the extra UI I mentioned above are not a part of the 21.08 release. I have not decided when I will add that if ever. Only the first 2 paragraphs are what is in the 21.08 version, which is already in beta and to be released by the end of the month:

Yes, I know :slight_smile:
But it is enough now.
I am interesting xml clipboard feature.