Do The (Victor) Strand

Hi Folks, This is my first edit using Shotcut. I chopped up the Victor Strand parts from Season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead and edited them to the Roxy music track “Do The Strand” to make a music video. I personally thought Colman Domingo was at his best as a despot with a tower in this series & worthy of his own spin-off, so I created a video to look a little like a US 1970’s TV show opening credits. I have only used Windows 10 editor before for my first two videos (the second one I used a couple of Shotcut fx but couldn’t get my head around it as an editor then) Just wondered if you veteran Shotcut-ers could give me some tips? Regards,

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I like this old TV shows approach.
Reminds me of some my favorites police series from the 70’s, like Kojak or Mannix

Nice job with the effects, and I do also really like this character!

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