Do not show this again

I’ll start off by saying I am using version 20.04.12… I was bringing in files and got a pop up saying something about this file has varied frame speeds and is unreliable to edit do you want to convert to a more reliable file (or something like that) I did want to convert and did convert that one file… BUT was not thinking and clicked don’t ask me this again thinking it would automatically do this for every file like that after, but it did not. SO my question is how do I undo the do not show me this again so that I can convert my files and know which ones need it… THANKS!!!

Locate the showConvertClipDialogkey in the configuration data and remove it.

Thanks, but I didn’t have any luck finding that BUT I did find that if you click your clip and hit ctrl+2 you can open properties and convert from there.

If you can’t sort it out from the configuration data you can always re-install Shotcut ticking the box to say you want to delete the registry entries. It only takes a minute or two (I’ve done it once or twice when I edited a filter and got it wrong. Admittedly it is a bit drastic, but possibly a bit safer than editing the registry using Regedit.

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