Do not see transitions

Strange I do not know what I did, it was working but now even though I apply it does not work. I am googling but can’t find any clue :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot of Shotcut to show us what problem you are seeing?


Hi @iharpyou
After the cut, instead of extending the left clip over the right one, grab the right clip and move it to the left.


when I do that then the music gets mixed up. the transition is not working as it used to

I wonder what you are trying to accomplish with the transition. A transition is a way to “mix” two clips in order to transition from one to the other. If you split a clip and then create a transition between the two splits, audio will be playing from both clips at the same time for the duration of the transition. You can configure the transition to fade the audio from the first clip to the second. Is that what you are trying to do?

Please watch this I try to explain

The transition is actually working. If you look at the streamable video and run it in slow motion you will see areas near the middle of the transition where 2 overlapping images are being shown. Pause the video there and you will see the 2 overlapping images.

Yes I see a little some thing but that is all and even when I click on other type of transitions nothing ! I am sure that was not the case before

Usually a transition is made to “merge” two very different clips, where the changes are obvious. By splitting a clip like this which has very little movement in it it is difficult to see the merge, but it is definitely there, It notice it in the head and in the head of the guitar.

If I had a stationary image, split it and did a transition I would see no difference at the transition. Your clip with very little movement in it is like this.

Add a totally different clip at the end of this one and do the transition on that and you wiill definitely see that the transition is working, you just need to be more discerning where you place the transitions.

Yes that is correct I will experiment more. Very logic . thanks :slight_smile: That is the reason. Problem solved

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