Do I need to put together the different sections of an audio track, before exporting it?


I would like to export my audio track to audacity, but I’ve made several cuts so it’s a track made of many small sections. Can I export it as it is, or should I first rebuild it as one piece track? And in this case, how do you do that?


I’ve not tried it, but as far as I’m aware if you export in an audio format from the timeline it should all export together as one track just like a video would. Either give it a go or wait for someone to confirm or correct me :wink:


@QDSOV is correct.


Hey guys, it exported as one track. All great. Thanks for your help!
The speed control in Audacity lets you express changes in percentage. The control in Shotcut won’t specify…
I’ve found I’m happy with a 30% speed increase of the audio tracks. Now that I’m putting them together back on Shotcut, what speed increase should I specify for the video?
30% is equal to 1,3?
45% is equal to 1,45?


30% in audacity should be equivalent to 1.3 in Shotcut. You may need to experiment a little to tweak it, but you should be very close if not exactly on the spot.


Hey QDSOV thank you for your message.
I gave it a go and yes, clips can be exported as they are. They’ll come out together as one single piece.

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