Do i have to reinstall Shotcut after each update?

do i have to reinstall Shotcut after each update? or is there a way to make the update without manual reinstall?

You just can install over.
It’s quite quick.

I had issues on my old pc (Core2 Duo, Win7 32bit) when I tried to install over: some menu voices simply disappeared or changed name. One of these is the Display Mode that changed in something that didn’t allow me to recognize the correct voice. In the first cases I solved making a deep uninstall of the older version with Revo Uninstaller. Then I started to use the “Remove datas from registry” (or similar, I don’t remember well) checking the checkbox during the installation of the newer version over the older. In both cases I resloved the problem, but obviously the second way is better and faster.

im on windows 10

my computer has 4 gb ram and im 99% sure it’s bitcoin mined ! like my cpu is a constant 99%

It could be a misconfiguration or a software conflict. I don’t know why it is at 99%, but I solved the installation problem simply installing over the older version selecting the erasing registry option.

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