DNxHR Export

I want to export a clip in DNxHR format with the possibility to choose the quality LB or SQ or 444 or HQ8bit or HQ10bit.

In Shotcut there are different settings to export in DNxHD but nothing concerning DNxHR.
Is it possible to do this? And if so how?

In Export > Advanced > Other, add one of the following lines after changing the Codec to dnxhd.

It is possible to get 10-bit by setting the pix_fmt to yuv422p10le or yuv444p10le in Other, but Shotcut is not 10-bit internally. Even if you enable the hidden, unsupported GPU effects, which operates in 16-bit float, it must currently render to 8-bit RGB or YUV before encoding.

Perfect!!! Thank you very much for your help.

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