DNxHD 36 export

Hi there!

I’m new to Shotcut, and am using it as my new ‘Quicktime Player 7 Pro’ as it is no longer supported in High Sierra.

I basically need to be able to transcode video files (usually H264’s) to ‘DNxHD 36’ files.

I’ve got the Avid codecs installed so that I can export DNxHD pictures in Shotcut no problem, but I was wondering if there’s an easy way to select DNxHD 36 as opposed to trying to work out the correct bit rate etc etc.

I’m not the most video-savvy person so any help would be awesome!

Many thanks,


Shotcut has 14 DNxHD export presets. The closest match to what you want is:


Try it with default settings. It should work. I did an export test a while ago and all the DNxHD exports worked. Used an mp4 for the encodes.

After choosing one of the DNxHD presets in Export, go to Codec tab, and change the Bitrate field to “36M”

Perfection, Thanks so much!