Dj mix with same still picture all way long for Youtube


Please help me with the settings ! I drop a DJ mix (xxx.mp3 150 MB with artwork - 1 hour) with a still picture into Shotcut, select ‘Youtube’ and export the video but it save me a 7 GB .mp4 file (with a distorded/saturated sound with PotPlayer - OK in VLC)…!

How to conserve the original mp3 sound (no re encoding if possible) and only add the still picture for a rapid encoding and light file size.

Thank you for your help

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Duplicate of:

Writing MP3 audio into an MP4 container with ffmpeg creates a file that is not playable with some media players. For highest quality audio, change the audio format to lossless (ALAC for MP4) which would be as good as no re-encoding. Otherwise, choose AAC or AC-3 for compressed audio.

Thanks but if I choose Alac or Flac I get an ‘aborded’ message when I try to export…

I still wonder then what are the settings to get the ‘video’ with a still image and a mp3 file with a reasonable file size…
Here is what I try to achieve (was done with a web service which no longer exist) :

Don’t use the Youtube preset, it has a GOP size of 15, use “default”. which has a GOP size of 300.

I just did a test exporting a video with just a PNG. The quality of the default is the same as the Youtube video, the “default” filesize is 6x smaller (Youtube 177MB, Default 28MB).

Thanks, I tried ‘default’ and indeed I have a .mp4 file with reasonable size BUT I have no image !
In my original .mp3 file there is an artwork embedded which I see in Shotcut but it doesn’t appear in the video… Can I put manually the artwork .jpg in Shotcut somewhere ?


JPG and PNG images can be in your playlist just like a video clip or an audio clip can be.

Ok but please help me by telling what I have to do and how to do it…

I drag/drop a mp3 file without artwork then drag/drop the cover art in .jpg, select ‘default’ and then ‘export’ and shotcut crate me a file of 3KB with nothing in it…

Do you have “Use Hardware Encoder” selected for the export. If so, de-select it and export again.

Can you show us a screenshot of your project in Shotcut?
Do you add audio to an audio track (A1) and then add an image to a video track (V1)?

A simple video to show how to do it:


This is perfect ! Thank you :slight_smile:

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