Divide 90 min mp4 video into smaller sections

I have some video8 90 min tape conversion (analog to mp4) and wish to know
whether Shotcut can be used to divide it into shorter sections.
I’m 83 and need some help, thanks for any advice.

Hi @K747

There are a couple of ways to do this (including using markers)
But you can try this method I explain in a tutorial I made a while ago:

First make sure your 90 minute video is on a track in the Timeline.
Then use the Split tool to cut your video in smaller clips

Finally, follow the steps in this video:

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to ask.

OOps… I just realized Shotcut works a little different now with this method

When you click the Export File button, you’ll see this happen now:

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@MusicalBox has a tutorial to show a new method using MARKERS. See here:

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I’ll be darned!
Kind of forgot I made that one too :rofl:

Thanks for the repose. I’m not able to cut a portion from the timeline because the icons don’t work. At the moment I’m not able to work with Shotcut and need to watch the beginner’s tutorials over and over again to learn more.
After some time I maybe able to ask more appropriate question

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