Distribute the build process virtual machine?

There have been several threads lately about building Shotcut from source code. Then I remembered reading that the Shotcut distribution is/was built from a fresh virtual machine that’s spun up for each release. Is it possible to distribute a copy of the virtual machine itself in addition to the SDK for people that want to attempt code modifications? Something we could light up in VirtualBox for instance? Then everything just works from the start and should hold parity to the production Shotcut build when it’s time to merge code branches. I don’t know what this would mean for running Shotcut in the VM while debugging… I’m just brainstorming here. If it builds a Windows executable or AppImage too, maybe the VM could share its bin folder to the host computer to run Shotcut from a “network” folder. But perhaps AppImage licensing would be the hang-up to distribution?

Not a virtual machine actually - but a Docker image:

Anyone could “docker run” the docker file to make a complete build. But this would not be a very friendly development environment - which I think is what many people are looking for.

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That’s perfect! Thanks!

The docker image is used to run scripts/build-shotcut.sh for Linux only. The Windows build has its own scripts for msys2 on GitHub Actions. All of these scripts are in the Shotcut source code tree.

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