Display Off Canvas Objects

What would be cool is to be able to see layers and objects that appear off the viewport/canvas.

Example: Let’s say I have a simple logo png. I add it to the top layer and I want it to move from left to right. I set up a filter for size, rotation and position and in the first keyframe, I drag the image off the viewport/canvas to the left.

I can’t see it nor can I interact with it while it is offscreen unless I use the numbers in the settings.

I wish I could see the object offscreen, even if the parts that are not going to be in the viewport/canvas have a different tint to them, (like a grey or something).

It may also make sense to have a checkbox that allows the object/track to be shown outside of the viewport/canvas or not (so that you can toggle this feature to be on or off).

This should apply to all tracks, whether it be video, text, images, etc.

You can reduce the zoom level of the preview panel to see an object that is offscreen.