Display error with filter level

Since the last version, the introduction of the level tool is particularly valuable. But I noticed a display bug that I’m pointing out. As soon as we want to apply the filter level on an image (it’s my experience) the display is inconsistent. Then click on the channel button to restore the correct display. The same when you touch another setting. Is this a bug or a problem related to my environment:
Dell i7 PC, Win 10 and SC 19.01.19
Thank you and good evening.

Bug reports for Beta 19.01.19 are reported in this thread.

It’s not descriptive enough. 32/64 bit? MHz, Ram?
So before you post in there, this information can be found this way:
Windows key - System Information (just type that and the option will pop up)

Provide better explanation because “the display is inconsistent” does not mean anything to me. I made a test of the Levels filter just now and fail to see a problem that resembles your description. Also, what @Hudson555x says. If you experience the problem on v18.12.23, then say so instead of reporting on the beta version out-of-thread.

Apologies for the lack of precision. Here is a screenshot of the features. When I say incoherent, I mean truncated and especially without applying the settings made in the filter levels.
Hoping my explanations sufficient!
In addition, giving courses on video editing with Shotcut, the problem was manifested on 3 pc equipped with a version prior to the beta.
Best regards.

Please try to upload again because that upload/link is not working.

Ok, did it works ?
Thank you and see you soon.

I am going to close this thread because you are not describing the problem.