Display error when using two specific filters in a row


On a few videos I want to use in 2 specific Shotcut filters in a row.

  1. Gradient - to darken certain areas

  2. Crop: Source - to shift the frame a bit up or down and to add black bars on top and bottom

For some reason this does not work properly in one editing process, no matter in what order.


As new user I am allowed to upload only one pic each posting, so to be continued in the next messages…



Bottom bar is displayed correctly, but top bar is sort of duplicated.

When rendered post Gradient, loaded again in a new project and then using Crop it is displayed as it should.

Maybe it is a beginner mistake and I am messing up something with the settings?

I think Shotcut is working as expected in this case. Remove Crop Source from V1. Add a secondary track, V2, On V2, Open Other - Colour, select Black and apply 2 Mask Simple Shapes, one for top, one for bottom. It does work but I’m sure others may be able to supply a slick solution.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Unfortunately it does not work exactly like “Crop: Source” and it is way more complicated to achieve the result I want. Crop needs only one simple mouse shift.

  1. When sliding the bottom-controller up in Crop, it adds black bars on bottom and top. But it cuts off only the bottom part of the image while the upper end of the image remains. The image itself shifts down, so to say.

  2. When working with masks the transition from a black bar to the actual image is a bit blurry, not sharply devided as when edited with Crop. But this is not that important.

As non-native speaker it’s hard for me to describe precisely, hope this all makes sense.

Maybe you can fix it by adding Crop: Rectangle after the Crop: Source.

@ shotcut


Perfect, thank you!

And best of all: needs only adding Crop: Rectangle - no further settings necessary!

Case closed.

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