Disk when using shotcut at 100%

Can anyone tell me why my disk is at 100% when using shotcut? I think it is a bug with the new shotcut. Also changes throughout my usage of shotcut (what I am doing in shotcut). Another thing shotcut is now really slow with this new update. One last thing is that shotcut keeps on locking up.

Obviously, your computer does not have enough free disk space, and I suspect Shotcut is really slow because your disk is full. I do not think this is a Shotcut problem. Read the FAQ to learn about where Shotcut stores some data like thumbnails in a database file if you want to remove it to free up some space, but I doubt it will do much help. Shotcut does not save a lot of temporary data. If you are exporting a lot of video files and not paying attention to their sizes or what you are doing, then of course your disk will fill up - video files are big.

277 gb of free space on my C: drive.
Is that enough?

Yes, so I do not understand the problem. What says the disk is at 100% when running? Please make a screenshot that shows Shotcut running, the 100%, and the 277 GB free space at the same time.

That is when I launch shotcut. So i do not want to close and reopen shotcut. (to take the screenshot) (because I have a project)

Also what about the constant locking up?

I misunderstood what you meant. When you add a clip to the Timeline, Shotcut creates an audio waveform in the background. This will use your disk a lot and slow things down. If you don’t like that, then wait for it to finish. As for the constant locking up, I do not know. I do not have that problem.