Disco Mix video extract, featuring simulated spectrum analyzer LEDs

Great demo. I love it!

Sounds good. I am expecting some feedback since this small feature did not have a beta release.

Fixed for the next release.

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Peut-être ajouter si c’est possible un paramètre rotation.
Aujourd’hui, si je veux obtenir l’effet suivant, je dois faire pivoter l’image d’origine avec SPR, puis mettre mon filtre audio level et enfin redresser l’image avec un second filtre SPR.

Maybe add a rotation parameter if possible.
Today, if I want to get the following effect, I have to rotate the original image with SPR, then put my audio level filter and finally straighten the image with a second SPR filter.

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:musical_note: CCR! :musical_note: :+1:

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Proud Mary est le premier 45 T que je me suis payé à l’époque avec mon argent de poche

Proud Mary is the first 45 T that I bought with my pocket money at the time.

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Mon premier 45 tours:
My first 45 rpm:
Donna Summer - I Feel Love

You should get a few in a couple of days :slight_smile:

I’ve been experimenting with it quite a bit. Love the segments!



Come on @Hudson555x… No song?

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