Disappearing text in v.18.08.11

Hi, I’m still having major problems with animating text via keyframes. I have to say the problem seems worse than in 18.08.01…

To reproduce one of the problems (disappearing text),

  1. Create a transparent clip with a text filter added.

  2. Apply a simple keyframe to this clip and adjust the position of the start (eg. left -100 pixels) - or move the text manually in the viewer.

  3. Play - the animation works fine.

  4. Select another clip, then select the text clip again.The size and position parameters have reverted to zero, and the text has disappeared! Tiny boundary box corners can be seen just of the top left of the viewer.

I’m presuming this is a bug.

I made a video to show this problem:


I’ve discovered a workaround for the above problem.

Don’t use the text filter size and position parameters to animate text.

First, position/size your text as required…

… then add a size/position filter to your text clip. Use that to animate your text.
(Maybe that was the intended process for applying keyframes to text)?

Anyway the text animation seems to work fine - I just created this video (took me about 15 minutes, with no crashes or problems):


Version 18.08.11.
Hope this helps someone.
Best wishes,

I found this regression and fixed it for the next version - 18.08.14

Excellent! You are a genius! Thank you.