Disappeared timeline

First of all, I’d like to excuse myself for my rusty english, I hope I can explain what the problem is about.
I’m in frustration mode as I was editing my first complex video, that has a deadline for my exam.
Btw, my pc isn’t very adapt to editing programs and when I use Shotcut it crashes a bit, but never too much. Yesterday I was using the text options to write the subs of one of my clips. All of the sudden, shotcut crashes and it closes everything. I was scared about the subtitles gone, but when I opened again the program again the ENTIRE TIMELINE was gone, as you can see by the screenshot. I can still see the clips I used, but in the screen there’s a 3hours long video, probably all of my clips togheter (my final video was about 10 min).
Is there anything I can do to recover my original video, my timeline?
I already tried to restore the original layout but it doesn’t shows me anything.

From my experience, you should restart your computer. If it doesn’t work there are a few things you can do still.

  1. As you may have seen before, you can move parts of the editor as a separate window. Just unplug all monitors, and then press ctrl + 5 or View > timeline.

  2. Open the shotcut file in Videos \ ShotCut Videos \ (Project Name) *for me. Then right click the .mlt file with a ShotCut icon then open restore previous versions.

I hope that helped!

The project file is missing data. The only recovery is to restore a previous version from a backup. Shotcut itself is not a backup software.

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