Disable grey borders for effect (Size,Position & Rotate)

Hi I have been using Shotcut regularly on an almost daily basis for over 2 years.

But what I honestly hate are the grey borders on the effect (Size,Position & Rotate) is it possible to turn them off somehow or preferably remove them from the program completely they are completely useless and just confusing. Thanks

I disagree that they are useless. Most image editing software has a similar VUI (Visual Use Interface) where you can drag handles and see the effect, however many of these utilities use lines that are just 1 or 2 pixels thick and have a means of turning the VUI off if you just want to use the numeric inputs. Have a look at the “Mask: Simple Shape” filter and you would immediately realise that that filter absolutely does need a VUI.

Shotcut uses Qt for its interface and the thicker lines may be caused by this, with no option to use thinner lines. However, I believe there should be a way to toggle the VUI on and off.


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