Dirt, Fuzz cleaning

Hi, My new Video is cool but I didn’t look in the mirrow before recording :slightly_smiling_face:
So i got some silly white fuzz on my black pullover.
Is there a way to make theme more invisible?

Spot Removal tool might work for you, Give it a go

Thanx! Looks not so good because the area is too big where the spots moving. Just 3 little spots. Is the tool able too store the spot and track it somehow?

It’s made for dust spots on a sensor that stay still so probably not but I don’t know for certain

The spot remover filter has key frames. It cannot track the spots. You will need to add the filter and track each spot manually. The filter can be added multiple times.


Thanx, doesn’t look good. But I have learned two things:
What is keyframes about and … remove your fuzz before making videos :slight_smile:

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