Different sizes finished videos

Several video clips were in the playlist.
16 to 20 minutes each one, mp4, resolution 1280 x 720.
One at a time dragged into the timeline to make some editing.
Set the output to be same resolution (1280 x 720) constant bitrate 1200 kb/s.
While the first one was done, the second in progress, I wanted to make it faster, so I clicked the “Use hardware encoder”, nothing else.
The remaining finished clips were really large files. Checked their bitrate,
one or two were about 2700 kb/s, one about 4300 kb/s, and the last one 8150 kb/s.
Is it normal ?
Had to use another program just to lower the bitrate (1200) to make the files smaller.
Answers will be appreciated.
Shotcut 20.06.14

video hardware encoders are designed for speed of encoding, at the expense of file-size (they usually produce a much bigger file), and quality. They are perfect for streaming, but not for producing quality videos.

As I wrote in this thread:

Don’t enable “Use Hardware Encoding” for quality vids.

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