Different outputs when render with `qmelt` from `View XML`

I’ve created a project using Shotcut and there is the exported file:

(the second layer - topleft - has a delay of 0.708s using <blank length="00:00:00.708"/>).

But if I try to render using qmelt/melt - as described here, the second clip ignores the blank property.

There is the output:

Note: I’ve tried to upload the second output but the forum doesn’t accept two images from new users.
“Sorry, new users can only put one image in a post.”

It’s a GIF of the video but seems static (like when the two layers show above)

Sorry if it’s an noob question about mlt/shotcut, but someone can help me? It’s on documentation? I’ve used the View XML shotcut option and then qmelt --progress xml.mlt. It’s not supposed to produce the same output? Maybe a Windows problem? I’m using the qmelt binary from the portable version x64 (.exe).

Also I’m using the effect “Size and Position”.

Shotcut version: 20.04.12
Windows 10 1904


here is the second output:

(yea, it’s a GIF)

I’ve changed the length from seconds to frames (00:00:00.708 (seconds) to 00:00:00:20 (frames)) and It works!

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