Didn't even know about Shotcut a couple of weeks ago, but I've made this

Hello, first post here and first video published to YouTube using Shotcut.

This is Episode 1. I’m still referencing all the excellent tutorials but it’s been a fun and rewarding process. Shotcut is great. I animated my channel logo at the beginning in Shotcut by isolating parts of a transparent png image and introducing them at intervals.

One thing I wish I could do easily was to zoom in on parts of the football gameplay for replays but the motion tracking element is proving too tricky for me at the moment - I know it’s possible but takes a lot of time.

Always looking to improve so any comments welcome.

Thanks, AP.


Very well done, and much fun watching with my son, who is on a school team, and also recognized the computerized game.

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Many Thanks! Great to get some feedback.

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