Detached Audio File Visible But Silent, Even Source Video Is Silent

Hey there! I’m running Shotcut on MAC OS Mojave, working on a project where my third and fourth audio tracks display all of their information, but do not play any sound. I tried to reinsert the source video to detach the audio and replace it, but the source video, both in my computer and within Shotcut, is lacking audio entirely. A bit confusing as the timeline shows all of the audio data!

So the source video is not playing audio even when you play it outside of Shotcut?

When the source video is added into Shotcut, click on Properties.
What does it show here?
And what does it show here?

No, the source video does not play audio outside of Shotcut either, though it did when I imported and even when I detached the audio.

Hey! It shows 2 (stereo) under Channels just the same.

Here’s a pic of that dropdown menu:

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