Detach Entire Audio Track

I want to request a small feature, that is, to be able to detach audio from an entire track.

I will delete this post if I see any similar suggestions.

Thank you.

That is a Very good suggestion.
Now we can only detach audio from a video and I want a feature for detaching audio from a track.

We also met in an old topic.

An reply from Ar_D

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Shotcut crashing while dragging video to timeline this topic.

You could always mute the other tracks, then export to an audio format, then bring that back an audio track.


Or you could just detach the entire track, and make changes so on and so forth.

Yes, I understand your suggestion.
I was responding to let you know that you can export just audio if needed.

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But we have to export and again add that audio more simple solution should be there

@Ar_D - Fair enough, but @Hudson555x’s advice is extremely simple, and actually only takes about 5 or 6 clicks, especially if you use 2 tips (which not all users know about).

So I made this short demo (took 30 seconds). In fact it took longer to write this post than to make the demo!

My tips are:
  1. When the Mp3 has finished, right-click the blue bar and select “open”. No need to search for the exported video and import it.

  2. Earlier in the demo, whilst the mp3 is being exported, you can continue editing in the timeline without affecting the export. So no need to wait for the export.


You can also simply double-click the export job.


Thanks @shotcut, didn’t know that.

Well I am not giving any solution. I was just suggesting there should be a option while right clicking that is “Detach audio from whole track” but there isn’t any option for detaching audio for whole track.

Your demo takes 33 seconds but I was suggesting to get the audio detached from whole track by just 1 click and it should take just 5 seconds.

Remember this is a suggestion topic not how to topic. I was just suggesting.

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@Ar_D - I owe you an apology - in my haste to post I forgot to mention that the solution was intended to offer help and was done in the spirit of friendliness! Not to give the impression that I knew better, or in any way to deride your suggestion! I agree, the suggested feature would be a nice addition. Take care.