Dependencies for export duration

I just wanted to know what export duration I will have under Windows for that project build under Linux…, so, I “converted” the mlt-file made under Linux to use it under Windows. I changed all paths from Linux-“Style” to Windows-“Style” and Shotcut is able to load that “converted” mlt-file. But[TM], the CPU do not stops to run at 100%.

Any suggestions?

I’m really interested in the result: Export duration Linux/Windows…


Recently I’ve made a video [Video-1], runtime 20 min., and it took ca. 1h 45min to export.
Now I’ve made a video[Video-2], runtime 14min. 30sec., and I thought that it will need maybe 1h 15min. But it took at least 2h 30min.!

Bitrate / Settings:
[Video-1] 3,2 MB/sec. ; Quality at 45%
[Video-2] 2,8 MB/sec. ; Quality at 40%
Else, AFAIK, all other settings are equal.
(I’ve made a text file to have the same settings under Windows and Linux…)

Also the “making of” is nearly identical, maybe two three more keyframes/zooms in [Video-2]…
For both the export is made with “Adv. Settings”, libx264…

[Video-1] Under Win-7-64bit, Shotcut 18.12
[Video-2] Under Linux Mint 18.1-64bit-KDE, Shotcut 19.01


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