Demo video - 1 clip with 25 text filters!

Hi folks! I made this short video to experiment with multiple text filters on one clip. Each text filter has one word, set to a preset, positioned using spacing in the text pane (return and space bar). The start position of each word has been incremented by 10 frames in the Keyframes editor by dragging the green line (project is set to 30fps) to achieve a revealing text effect.


Here is the same video at 2x speed:

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nice, that is a good example of using multiple text in a single clip. Shotcut text filter is easy to use. But I’m facing some trouble with text filter while creating scrolling text at the end of the video.
Text filter support limited number of characters (i.e. I’m unable to add as many line of text as I want. I’m not sure how many line or words it can support but that’s limited to do more stuff . )

@jonray, @brian, what about adding letter spacing and line spacing (line height) to the Text filter. I’m not requesting feature, just want to share my experience of Shotcut.

Thank you.

This is where I rely upon a graphic editor such as Gimp where I have total manipulation with text.

Great job @jonray. People can see whats possible with multiple text filters at once.

Did I missed any thing? any basic title tool in NLE can take a sentence and display it as characters, words or lines.
I have limited shotcut knowledge but it looks to me like making a W with 4 I’s or if you realy good 2 V’s

The best way to achieve that is to use Overlay HTML and click the WebVfx Javascript extension checkbox. It creates a document that is setup for vertical scrolling credits. The Text filter is limited to 512 bytes after variable substitution. The number of letters that corresponds to depends on UTF-8 encoding, but using the basic latin character set, it will be 511. Furthermore, CSS has letter-spacing, word-spacing, and line-height.

Yes, I did text scrolling animation with elusien webvfx which is nice. Shotcut Text filter is good, faster and easier. Easier to make scrolling text effect if it support more than 512 byte.

Yes, CSS is more text related attributes such as text align, letter spacing, line spacing, text shadow etc. And so many cool things can be done with webvfx (html overlay).But I think most common people prefer such thing in the Text filter which seems to be easy to use. If user has to be customize text with html css and import to Shotcut, It’s similar to creating a desire text design with GIMP and export as png and further add to Shotcut. I don’t mean , html overlay is less useful, I know it’s powerful as shown by elusien if we know js html and css code.

Thank you.

What I described does NOT require the @Elusien add-on. A basic vertical scroll is builtin now when you choose WebVfx Javascript Extensions. elusien did not make WebVfx but misleadingly reused the name when making his add-on. WebVfx is actually a technology used in Shotcut that I maintain now.

Additional CSS attributes will be exposed in the HTML editor soon.

Thank you for your information. Text filter is based on webvfx. I think, it will be added soon.

I not a programmer, but I can do HTML 5 and CSS3 and little JS. For testing purposes, I changed the ui.qml file of dyanmic text. In line no. 299 the maxlength value is 256. I changed the value to 1200 now text box support more text but in project player display doesn’t show all text of the text box. Hope in future advanced control to text filter will be added.

Further, @shotcut , make YouTube video tutorial of webvfx and how to use it in Shotcut. Thank you.

All you changed was the UI. There is a component in the engine that has the 512 byte limit. The Text filter does not use WebVfx/HTML.

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