Deleting the frozen end when speeding up video


When (reverse) simulating speed ramps from AE / premiere, I am left with the last segment where the clip has already finished playing (since its at 10 times speed for most of it) but if i cut the last part (where it stops moving, marked in the image), it takes the keyframes with it because of how shotcut works. Is there a solution to this problem? I havent tried exporting the video to see if this is just a preview thing but im assuming its the same.

thanks in advance, appreciate the help!

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in case someone is wondering, im speeding the video up rather than slowing it down because the clip is barely even 30fps

Does it work if you add a keyframe on the last frame that you want to keep and then split the clip?

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no :frowning:

The keyframe needs to be on the one frame before the split point. In other words, the frame that you are looking when you split belongs to the second half. If that is the same frame where you added a keyframe then it is no better than having a keyframe at the end.

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