Deleting Multiple Clips at Once with Shotcut

This is only my 3rd video under the name of Doggy Bag Productions. My first about Shotcut. I hope you will find it helpful. Should you do, send your thanks to sauron, he taught me this trick.

My most sincere thanks to all the Shotcut developers for doing such an amazing job.


Finally, what software do you use to highlight the cursor and to display key shortcuts?
Very cool this mini SC tutorial.
I’m still stuck with the original idea: what video montage will I do? and in the meantime new transitions, effects, etc. appear.


Hi ejmillan :slight_smile:
I am glad you liked the video.

Both for capturing the screen and the keys, and highlight the cursor I used Vokoscreen. I cannot say I am an avid user of it: It’s only my 2nd time :wink:

I should look into whether I can modify how the key for Home and the arrow keys are captured. At the moment Home shows as “p” and at least the Right Arrow key shows as “v”.
But other than that it does the job.


Liked your video. Very much liked the highlighted cursor too. It really helps. Could you make the cursor bigger? Trying to listen to comment AND find where the cursor has gone was a bit confusing for me

Suggestion : A bit slower cursor movement speed ?.

In Windows 10, there is a configuration (accessibility) where it is possible to increase the size and contrast of the cursor, as well as using a magnifying glass or highlight the cursor punctually (when we press the Ctrl key). It is also possible to visualize the cursor trace for a better follow-up of the action.
However, I didn’t find anything to visualize the keyboard shortcuts.

Hi André,

So glad you liked the video :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for taking the time to let me know about this.
I’ll improve that for the next one.


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Thank you so much for sharing this information Estéban :slightly_smiling_face:
It’ll come handy for the next video actually.
I’m still trying to fix an annoying flickering when capturing the video in Linux. So next one will have to be captured in Windows. Then I’ll do everything else in Linux.

An example with the large pointer, highlighting of the cursor with the Ctrl key and the use of the magnifying glass (Windows+ or Windows- key).

Thank you for the nice example ejmillan!
No doubt, I’ll use this in my next video!

I can’t wait to see that job. :+1:

Thanks , @ejmillan for pointing this out. Actually I never knew about the magnifying glass feature of Windows - I wish I’d known before I made my recent set of tutorials!!! … but the information will be handy for me in the future.
Muchas gracias musch, me has ayudado mucho.

@DBP - nice work with your latest tutorial. :+1::+1:

Es un placer poder ayudar de alguna forma.:wink:
It’s a pleasure to be able to help in some way and I’m glad this is useful to someone.

Thank you for sharing

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