Deleting all clips between x and y minute


Is there any way to select (or to delete but having clips selected it’s easy to delete) all clips between x:x:x minute and y:y:y minute of video? I mean to select quickly. If you have small project it’s easy to select few clips when keeping ctrl pressed. However if it means that you have to spend ex. 15 minutes to select in this way ex. 300 small clips it’s awful. Thus I’m wondering if there is any quick way…

Thanks a lot in advance for help :slight_smile:

Select the first clip
Hold down Shift
Left click the last clip

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Ok that’s a big help. :slight_smile:

Although it’s a bit pity that it’s not possible to do sth similar across many tracks…

Create a new temporary top-level track.
Put a color clip on it that stretches from x:x:x to y:y:y.
Turn on Ripple All Tracks.
Ripple Delete (“x” key) the top-level color clip.
All other tracks collapse due to the ripple.
Turn off Ripple All Tracks if you aren’t using it for anything else.
Remove the now-empty top-level track.

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A bit complicated but I have to check it…

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