Delete used video files without closing shotcut

Hi. As I said on an earlier post, the the used files from a project, even after closing that project, remain “linked” to the program, and they can’t be deleted from disk, while the program is running, or what is the same, I must close the program to be able to delete these files from the disk. I haven’t found another way to achieve that.
Like I been saying on different topics I’ve written, I mainly use this program to crop and enhance hd video captures. And after the cropping and edition, normally I erase these files from disk to save disk space.
Well, from this explanation, I suggest two diferent things

  1. That the file>close option, lets “unlink” the files used in the last project, for can delete files using explorer, without having to close shotcut.
  2. ¿What possibility are there to add a capture module to this program (compatible with DVB-T usb tuners and with usb capture devices in general)?
    Thanks for your attention.

Shotcut doesn’t save a project along with all the required files. Its project files only contain information on where to find the originals. As such, deleting the originals is a bad idea since it will break the project (as well as just delete your only copy of the files). If you’ve already exported it, then you can close Shotcut and delete them normally, but otherwise, you shouldn’t delete them.

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Yes that’s a bad idea, And also shotcut is a non-linear editor which means it would not do anything to the original while editing and if shotcut has the ability to delete than it would no longer be called non-linear.

Yes. This could use improvement. There is a similar discussion here:

Maybe your device is compatible with File->open other->Audio/Video Device.

But if I want to delete source files, is because I ended the current project and I don’t need them anymore. Also I just use one generic project file, just to recover unended task when program or system shuts down incorrectly.
Besides, personally, I just use shotcut mainly for video trimming; and it seems like a waste of the edition power offered by this program by doing just that; but what happens is that I record from DVB tuner on .ts format, and very few (free) edition programs can open that format, work with it, and reencode it without loss of quality; and shotcut can do all this. I can do that also on adobe premiere, but working with it, it’s too “heavy” for my pc. Shotcut instead works “light”, works fast on it.

Hi! first, I think, when you select video track and right click it, you could add the option “delete from disk” to this menu, to save steps to reach that objective (delete source file from disk).
And second, I tried File->open other->Audio/Video Device, and shotcut just recognize computer’s webcam

Once you’re finished and want to remove original files, just close Shotcut (if it is using the files) then delete them from the file explorer.

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I would also really like this feature.

Before doing any real editing I go through footage to remove any failed takes and also to cut down any very large files where the camera was rolling after I finished the take (I film my own content).

I need a tool that can help me do this before I start the real editing work. Can anyone suggest a solution?