Delete items from recent list?

Hi, I am running Shotcut 16.10.01 on a Windows 10 64bit PC. Is it possible to remove items from the recent list or clear the recent list? I tried selecting one item and using the key but this simply locked up my system which I had to restart.

Refer to the FAQ. The recent items are stored in the registry on Windows.

OK, thanks for that. I had browsed the FAQ but didn’t see anything obvious. But modifying the recent items in the Windows registry did the trick.
But I would like to suggest some way of clearing the recent items list from within Shotcut would be helpful. Also that my intuitive attempt to remove recent items by selecting item/s in the list and using the “delete” key be somehow prevented from freezing the computer.
Many thanks, Paul

I am unable to reproduce that, but yeah I’ll try to add that soon.

I’m new to video editing; trying out Shotcut 17.01 on Windows 10 64-bit. Since I have a few videos in an encrypted file container (Veracrypt) I wanted to remove a file name from the recent list and couldn’t.:worried: Then I searched for the location of the recent list and finally found it in the registry.:unamused: Of course I managed to edit the REG_MULTI_SZ string, but I can’t say I liked it.:disappointed: I’d really welcome a delete function for the recent list.:yum:

Meanwhile I’ll make a working copy of such files with a non-revealing file name.:sunglasses:

As of version 17.03 you can select an item in Recent and press the Del key to remove it.
As of version 18.10, there is Settings > Clear Recent on Exit.