Delete File from Playlist natural way

I am a new shotcut user, trying to conquer the beast. I had recently several cashes with the latest version, editing vertical video 720 x 1280, I was not so happy about …

My question is about deleting files from a Playlist. I am sure that somewhere is an explanation, although after 30 min of googling, I couldn’t find it. Why is not possible to delete a file from a Playlist with simple selecting a file and press “Del”. It seem so natural. Can I somewhere change settings to my liking? Thanks for your patience with junior.

Shift - X remove the selected item from the playlist

Thank you @TimLau. I know that, but Shift + X is not natural. Every program on windows is using “Del”

Just in case you didn’t know, you can also use this button to delete a selected item from the playlist

Thank you all for the help. I am talking about when I need to delete lots of files from Playlist. The fastest way is to select with mouse cursor a file, and having another finger on a “Del” button. All other options require “additional” work.

I could also select first all files I want to delete and then delete them …

I like to optimize every program that I am using. Maybe sometimes wasting too much time with that. Can’t help myself.

You can select multiple clips in the playlist with Shift - Click & Ctrl - Click, works the same ways as most applications.
and use Shift - X to remove all selected

I doubt this is true. Unless of course you really tried every program on Windows.
There are exceptions everywhere. And you need to adapt to them.

After a few days working with Shotcut, using this method, I bet it will become automatic.

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Windows 10 Home
Shotcut 22.03.30

Doesn’t work for me @Hudson555x
If I select an item in the Playlist and hit the Del key, Shotcut will delete any clip in the timeline that is on the active track and under the playhead.

Ok deleted my comment.

Didn’t know the scenario required the use of the timeline.

The reason is because Shotcut does not try to have a panel focus whereby Del would have a different behavior depending upon which panel has focus. Some other programs have panel focus and put a colored outline on the panel with focus. I chose not to do that in Shotcut. The reason Del works in input fields is because these do have a strong focus that is also well apparent and expected.

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