Delete audio from a video clip?

Hi again,

Mike here with another question. In every other video editor I’ve ever used there have been ways to either “De-link” and delete an audio track from a “timelined” video or just delete an audio track outright. For some reason I can’t find this anywhere on the timeline. I realize that there is a filter to push the volume Up / Down and that there is a “Mute” button on the timeline, but I’d like to get rid of this track if it’s possible… Less data to encode.

If anyone could show me how, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Using the Mute filter works fine. Placing it on a muted video track also works. Lastly, you can select the clip, go to Properties > Audio and choose “None” from the track selection drop-down.

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Thanks for the quick reply, this sounds good. I’m kind of sorry I asked the question as I see on your pipeline for future releases that the audio option I’m looking for is on there.

Thanks again!