Deinterlace BEFORE filters?

I have a lot of video that was originally recorded interlaced, and was digitized at the wrong resolution with anamorphic enabled, so the videos have huge pillarbox areas and chunks of blank overscan lines.

So I need to do the following:

Deinterlace with bob
Crop off between 10 and 50 lines of overscan on top and bottom and about 60 lines on each side
Resulting video will be about 600x470, scale it to 640x480 so I can get rid of the anamorphic distortion and end up with square pixels
Maybe add sharpening or hue correction

Since Shotcut (apparently) only deinterlaces after applying other filters, the scaling filters will ruin the deinterlace by shifting lines out of the fields they were originally in. However some of these videos are hours long and I hate to just deinterlace to a lossless file first.

Is there any way to deinterlace before filtering?

Shotcut does not offer bob deinterlacing.

Since Shotcut (apparently) only deinterlaces after applying other filters

That is completely wrong. It does deinterlace before other filters including scaling. See this file below. It defines filters in the engine that are added automatically before all manually specified filters:

Okay good to know. It’s confusing having all the interlacing settings in the export window, plus I’m coming from virtualdub where deinterlacing is its own filter.

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