Deinterlace before filters

It is said that Shotcut deinterlaces video before filters. It is defined in loader.ini:

# This file defines the normalisers, their fallbacks and the order they're attached
# The names on the left are arbitrary, but the order in which they occur is the
# order in which they're applied.
# The names of the services on the right dictate the preference used (if unavailable
# the second and third are applied as applicable).

# image filters

# audio filters

The problem is, that I still see interlaced video. Deinterlacing on export is not an option because resize filter is also needed for me.
What to do to get correctly deinterlaced video?
Here is a screenshot of what I see:

I advise you to convert the video to the correct format for editing.
Activate the deinterlacing filter in the converter settings.

OK, thanks!

Looks like I need advice to use some other app. Some batch processing video app.
I have 115 files I need to correct.
Currently the source videos are interlaced 720x576px 1:1 pixel aspect ratio. They are narrower than supposed.
Finally I need corrected width to height, 960x720px progressive 1:1 par.
I need to upscale because youtube does not support 576p and downscales it to 480p which makes these old videos even more low rez.

Of the free encoders, I recommend “HandBrake”. It is very easy to set up.

I just played with handbrake. Upscale is not possible in GUI. Only command line.
I’ll check how hard it is to use command line.
At least it suppors NVidia encode. I have very powerful GPU.

Maybe Shotcut is not detecting that your source material is interlaced. Can you share a screenshot of the properties panel for your clip?

That’s it. I manually set it from progressive to interlaced under the file properties in ShotCut. Now the ShotCut deinterlaces it.
The problem is solved.

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