Define left and right channel audio with multi channel audio?

Hi all.

i have an multi channel audio file with 2 channels.
1 is mic commentary
2 is background music

it work perfectly to put these files together. you can drag the video into the timeline (V1), split the audio to A1 layer and duplicyte the audio to one more A2 layer.

the outcome is, that i can now export a nice video in stereo but the complete audio can be heard on both channels left and right - like downmixed. so good so far…

Is it possible to define that A1 is only output on the left channel and A2 is output on the right channel?

thank you in advance

Hi @BiAir
Add a Balance audio filter to each track maybe? Set to the left on one track and to the right on the other.

Hi MusicalBox.

Its really weird. i had the same thought. when i do so, and define the A1 layer to balance right, i cant head audio. its mute in the player view.
maybe i do something wrong?

Ok … i now found out, that my “sound level meter” in my program shots only one channel… maybe thats the problem.
how can i change the “basic” program settings to stereo?

Ok. Problem sloved.

Under Settings > Audio channels > i have switched from “mono” to “stereo”. (facepalm)

Now i can see the L/R level meters and i can use the balance option. it worked now perfectly. thank you.


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